Le Pie

Here are behind the scenes photo’s of Le Pie “Eye of The Storm” Music Video, filmed in 2019 at Skyline Drive In Blacktown and in Waterloo, NSW, Australia

Film Reel

Web Series The Bench – Lighting Assistant / Production & Unit Assistant Attack Attack Art – Unit Assistant Short Films A Burning Thing – Still Photographer A Silent Lamb – Still Photographer / Grip & Lighting Assistiant A Conversation – Still Photographer / Lighting Assistant Feature Film  Rough Stuff  –  Camera Assistant Music Videos Lupa J ‘But Me…


I been doing gig photography for a few years now, of Australian performers from Lupa J, The Hide Aways, Letters to Lions, The Moving Stills to Rackett and Bleeding Knees Club. (Above) RACKETT & Bleeding Knees Club playing at Lansdowne Hotel. (Above) Moving Stills & Letters to Lions playing at Black Gold above Finbox, Thirroul….

A Conversation

Lara has only recently been in contact with her mother, Jane, after years of estrangement. When she learns she is pregnant, Lara makes a decision which results in a difficult conversation between the two. A Conversation is a short film written by Jorrden Daley and directed by Molly Haddon. A Conversation,  shot over one weekend,…

Life of Bionicle’s

  I was six years old when Bionicle series came out in Australia and which I really got into it. After long period of this Lego action figures just laying about not doing anything. I put them to use, winning three photographic prizes in local and school competitions in 2009. After the competition I continue to…

A Burning Thing (2011)

This is the first production that I worked on as the Still Photographer, which I was able to get by Joanna Park who works as costumer designer.  A Burning Thing, is a short drama by Damien Power, of a affair between an arsonist Jen (Clare Bowen) and a volunteer rural firefighter, Aiden (Julian Curtis), that burns out of…

Silent Lambs (2015)

Silent Lambs, by Randy Gunawan (director & writer), this short crime drama story takes place at a suburban home of a father, Brody Chapman (Steve Le Marquand) of two Jo & Natalie Chapman (Cedric Brassett Xavier & Eadie Brassett Xavier). Trouble comes when an inner-circle mob guy assumes duty to punish his own friends, consequently trapping his kids in the tangle, he must walk on a thin line between father and killer through deceptive gambit.